SMI overview

A generic MAF implementation for mobile Java objects.

What is MAF?

The Mobile Agent Facilities (aka MASIF - Mobile Agent System Interoperability Facilities) have been specified by the OMG to support a basic level of interoperability between heterogeneous mobile agent systems. In short, MAF:

What is special about SMI?

SMI aims at providing a generic and light-weight environment for executing mobile Java objects, whatever they are considered as agents or not, on the basis of the MAF conceptual framework and interfaces.

SMI does not enforce any specific agent model, and offers customization of both agent behaviour and agent system behaviour. SMI by itself offers no support for agent communication. When agents need to communicate, we recommend to be very careful with the interaction between mobility, communications (local or remote Method Invocation, CORBA...) and activities (threads).

SMI extends MAF interfaces via inheritance (thus still supporting MAF-compliance) to add extra-management features (see MAFFinderComplement and MAFAgentSystemComplement interfaces defined in smi.idl file).

SMI is free software available under GNU Lesser General Public License. See the License section for details.